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Geographers are environmental problem solvers. They are being called upon to use their skills to address some of the most pressing environmental issues facing our planet. If you have ever wanted to work on environmental issues such as global warming, urban sprawl, resource conservation, or environmental justice, you should study geography.

1 It prepares you to confidently enter the workforce.

Geography has a major role to play in framing and answering key environmental, economic, social and political questions. As a diverse subject, it allows students to obtain a range of learning experiences and skills, which make geography graduates highly attractive to a wide range of future employers. Many professionals use the skills practiced in geography: urban and regional planners, resource managers, attorneys, legislators, business and political leaders, architects, marketing consultants and engineers.

2 Geography is a diverse, broad field that encompasses a wide range of knowledge.

Geography is a broad flexible subject, which may be classified as an art, science or social science. Geography, as a discipline, is as diverse as the problems facing our planet. From saving a forest to planning a downtown development project, geographers are there.

3 Studying Geography promotes environmental literacy.

It is widely agreed that education is the most effective means that society possesses for confronting the challenges of the future. In order to address the environmental challenges society is currently faced with, people are needed who can think broadly and understand the systems, connections, and patterns of the physical and cultural world. We desperately need people equipped with the analytical skills necessary to rebuild neighbourhoods, towns, and communities.

4 Studying Geography is FUN!!

Studying Geography can take you to distant lands and cultures. You can learn about different peoples and places. You can develop the skills that will help you recognise and make sense of the patterns, distributions, and interactions between living things and their environment. Geographers often travel and study places by experiencing them first-hand. They have the opportunity to use cutting edge technology to study the landscapes and patterns that define who we are and what we do.