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Welcome to English

Welcome to the English section of KA Web. Here you will find most of the things you need to improve your performance and develop your interest in English as a subject. To begin with, you can find out a bit more about the main skills you should be building up in English by following the links below. These skills will also help you to do well in other subjects. Happy clicking!

Mr McIlvanney's Higher Class

Mr McIlvanney's S2 class page

Mr McIlvanney's S1 class page

Check these features:

Guide to National 5 English (Mr McIlvanney)

Guide to Writing (Thanks to Mrs Thomson)

Higher/Int 2 English Terms (Thanks to Mrs Thomson)

Higher/Int 2 Last Minute Advice (Thanks to Mrs Thomson)

Help with Homework

The pages linked below will give you a whole lot of support in doing your homework and revising for exams. The S1 and S2 Homework Booklets are full of all those rules of grammar that you probably once knew but may well have forgotten about. In the Save and Send section you can find out how to go about e-mailing your favourite pieces of work to K.A. Publisher or getting that last-minute homework exercise to your English teacher. Remember also to check the Notice Board for English News, assessment dates and homework deadlines.

K.A. Publisher

In this section you can put your work on display and get the chance to receive some recognition and feedback from a world-wide audience as well as your friends and relatives. You will also get some fresh ideas for your own Writing from reading other people's work.

Developing Interests and Knowledge

This section will help you to develop your English to the extent that you get real enjoyment from it, both now and in later life . Remember that if you want to do well in anything, you really have to do more than the bare minimum. The links below provide you with some useful and interesting suggestions.

Help and Advice for Parents

This section provides some useful advice for parents. Hopefully it will help them to give their children the best chance of making real progress in English. Feedback and additional suggestions are welcome.


e-mail : english@kilmarnockacademy.co.uk                                                 tel: 01563 525509

  N. McIlvanney 2012