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May/June 2010


"Mr Cowan counted forty three. I counted forty three. All present and correct. The time was 08.30, Sunday 20th of June 2010 and the order was given for departure. The Kilmarnock Academy Expeditionary Group was on its way to Flanders. The bus driver, Alex, started the engine. The party roared in anticipation of the journey ahead. Happy shouts from the students; joyous waves from the parents, as the wheels of the bus slowly turned and the trip was under way.The initial route taken was through the Irvine Valley to pick Mr & Mrs Stables up at Strathaven along with Mr Campbell. The journey south had begun in earnest. Seven hours later, after a couple of stops, we arrived in the port of Hull. Once aboard the P&O Ferry, the cabins having been allocated, the group had dinner- excellent choices- and settled down to life on the sea. All went to plan apart from the first casualties of the campaign who succumbed to sea sickness. Although only a few, they adopted the stiff upper lip and dealt with the situation in a typical Killie way: they went to bed and wept.(I have since been informed that this is the response that Kilmarnock FC supporters employ when they experience defeat. A lot of wet pillows last season?) They survived to tell the tale. After breakfast next morning -excellent choices- we arrived at the Belgian town of Zeebrugge."
(To read the rest of Jaque van Beefenburger's report and view more photos of the trip click here)

 I was Eileen Gilmour at school and I am helping to arrange a reunion for  the class of 1980. I wondered if you could put a notice on the school  website before the holidays?
 I've loved the website and found it really useful over the past few  years when my daughter was a pupil. It was the only way I knew what  she was up to!!!
 Class of 1980 Reunion, The Thistle, Hurlford. Saturday 7th August, 8pm  - 1am
 Tickets on sale now! £5 to cover DJ and food. 
        Contact Paula Wilson       07789 718739,
        Caryl McCrindle               07812 936803,
        Morag Clark                    07753 769827        
     or Eileen Gilmour                 07910 639462        
 or leave a message on Facebook page KA 1980 - 30 Year!
 We've managed to find a good number of classmates, but are struggling  with some. Would it be possible to see a copy of the register for our  year?
 I really appreciate any help you can give us, and all your hard work on  the website!

 Best wishes, Eileen Meek.

 UNDER-13 FOOTBALL 2009 -2010

 Like Fulham FC, KA under-13's have now lost their star management  team. With Mr King leaving for Hawick High School and Mr Rowe  departing to Carnoustie High, the Killie boys face a tough season ahead  at under-14 level.

 Throughout season 2009-2010 Mr King has not just been steering the  team to success on the park but has also been filing match reports and  charting the team's progress. To find out how the team fared in all  competitions click here. Special thanks to Mr King and Mr Rowe.


If you can think of a few interesting and exciting ways to fill your time this summer, then share them with us. We are looking for activities and places to visit, all in Kilmarnock and surrounding area. If you want to make some suggestions for a good day out in the local area then e-mail them to us at .

Include a rough idea of location, times, transport, cost, activities, tips and where to eat lunch.


We wish all pupils, parents and staff a very happy summer holiday and hope that you manage to ignore the "BACK TO SCHOOL" adverts that started appearing in shop windows within a few days of the start of the school holidays.

To all of you who have worked so hard this session: "Thanks and well done! Your efforts and achievements do not go unnoticed." To all of our S4, S5 and S6 pupils: "Good luck with your results in August but, in the meantime, just enjoy your break."

To all of those staff who are moving on to new schools and new challenges: "Thanks for all your colourful contributions to life at Kilmarnock Academy and good luck in your new ventures. Sometimes it may not have felt like it, but you really did make a difference - a fact that was not missed by your pupils, who do know about such things."

    Sincere thanks and very best wishes to:

    E Auld – Music                                              L McDowall – Learning Support

    A Delvigne – Modern Languages – NQT              G McLintock – Chemistry

    H James – Geography – NQT                            S McMenamin – Art

    A King – English – NQT                                    I Pettigrew – PT ICT

    S Lightbown – PT Art                                      D Rowe – Technical – NQT

    A MacDonald – H.E. –NQT                                A Timmons – Maths

    L Templeton – English     

   That is quite a formidable team to have to do without in August!



The catastrophic failure of the hard drive on the KA Web laptop resulted in the website not being updated for a few days. Glad to say, we have set up another machine to do the job until the original machine is fixed. Welcome back and keep on surfing!



New national football team required for enthusiastic fan.
Must have skill, passion and the ability to hit a barn door from 5 yards. Previous post-holder sacked for gross incompetence.

Please apply to Mr S McKing, School Librarian.


Darren Shan tops the charts again!

The following table shows which books have been the most popular in the library during the last year - quite a surprising winner really, given that Darren hasn't had a new book out for a while.

But wait, I hear you cry - he has a new one due out in September! Yes, he certainly has - and I'm currently reading a pre-publication proof copy so I can write a review of it. It's called "Birth of a Killer", and will be the first of a series of four called "The Saga of Larten Crepsley" - all you fans out there will know who Larten Crepsley is, but this will give you a bit about his early life, and how he became a vampire. There's a really scary BIG spider on the front.....keeping checking the web for more details....

Keep reading those books!

Stephen King, School Librarian

1 Cirque du Freak Darren Shan Teenage Fiction
2= It's OK, I'm wearing really big knickers Louise Rennison Teenage Fiction
2= Your Most Wanted Cheats   Non Fiction
4 Divided City Theresa Breslin Teenage Fiction
5 Twilight Stephenie Meyer Senior Fiction
6 Fat Boy Swim Catherine Forde Teenage Fiction
7 Furnace: Lockdown Alexander Gordon Smith Teenage Fiction
8 Simpsons Comic Extravaganza   Graphic
9= Captain Underpants & the Talking Toilets Dav Pilkey Junior Fiction
9= The Book Thief Markus Zusak Teenage Fiction
9= Girls under Pressure Jacqueline Wilson Teenage Fiction
12 Luurve is a many trousered thing Louise Rennison Teenage Fiction
13= The Diary of a Young Girl Anne Frank Biography
13= The Big Book of Bart Simpson   Graphic
13= Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Roald Dahl Junior Fiction
13= Captain Underpants & the Dinner Ladies Dav Pilkey Junior Fiction
17= Girls in Love Jacqueline Wilson Teenage Fiction
17= Breaking Dawn Stephenie Meyer Senior Fiction
19= George's Marvellous Medicine Roald Dahl Junior Fiction
19= Matilda Roald Dahl Junior Fiction
19= Captain Underpants & the Wicked Wedgie Dav Pilkey Junior Fiction


The Kilmarnock Academy and St Joseph's Academy trip to Lake Garda set off just after 5am this morning (Thursday). Apart from one boy forgetting his instrument and one girl forgetting her black shoes, everything went well and the trip actually set off a little bit early.

KA PROM 2010

The Kilmarnock Academy Prom took place on Thursday and was a great success, thanks to the organization and effort of the Prom Committee. Seamill Hydro Hotel played host to the 5th and 6th year pupils who arrived by limousine, adorned in kilts, suits, dresses and - in Rhys Jones’s case - a costume from Miami Vice. The speech was well delivered and received by Head Boy and Head Girl, Fraser Kerr and Rhona Kilpatrick. After a three course meal, the awards of Prom King and Queen were given to Fraser Kerr and Kimberly Dick, who, most would agree, were thoroughly deserving of the title. The night ended with a return to the dance floor and a stroll around the grounds. Many photographs were taken at various stages of the event.


 Nutritional expert and former pupil, Lorna Willock, has agreed to  contribute to her old school's website. So how did this come about?  Simple - we asked her. We already have links pages for Food & Diet as  well as Health & Fitness but we don't really have much on-site  content. Lorna has agreed to put that right. Her first contribution is a  piece on Weight Loss . To read it, click here.
 Lorna is now consulting in Kilmarnock for part of the week. If you have  any questions about the Weight Loss piece (or anything else) you can  e-mail or call her on 01644 470218.       


The interviews for Head Boy and Head Girl took place on Friday 18th June. After consulting with Mrs Hollywood and Mrs Hamilton, Mrs Ford made the following appointments:

Head Boy: Stephen McIlwraith
Depute Head Boy: Gregor Keachie
Depute Head Boy: Callum Clark
Head Girl: Gillian Orr
Depute Head Girl: Candice McIntosh
Depute Head Girl: Alison Walkinshaw

Mrs S. Brown
 Two of the most welcoming faces at  Kilmarnock Academy will be sadly missed next  session. Sandra Brown and Carol Armstrong  are moving on to new jobs and new  challenges within East Ayrshire. Both ladies  have contributed immensely throughout their  time at KA and are individuals who were  popular with staff and pupils. We thank them  both and wish them well.     N.McIlvanney

Mrs C Armstrong


 I heard about a notice on display at RGM Music in Nelson Street and,  as it makes some very interesting points, I thought I would include it  here for the perusal of you web surfers. One of the problems every  High Street trader faces is when a customer says, "But I can get it  cheaper on the net...". RGM have an interesting response to this claim.  Ian Mortimer - who has owned RGM since 1983 - says, "We're just  helping people to make an informed choice. Price is obviously a big  consideration but it's certainly not the only one - especially if you are  buying an instrument such as a guitar. Anyway, it doesn't always work  out cheaper in the long run." To find out why, click here.

 MR KING'S WORD OF THE WEEK              Wed, 16 June 2010    


  1. (verb)   to catch fish with the hands by groping under water
  2. (verb)   to dabble in the water like a duck
  3. (verb)   to play in the gutters, mud or puddles
  4. (verb)   to do work of a dirty or greasy nature
  5. (noun)  a mess, muddle or confusion
  6. (noun)  a person who does things in a messy,   slovenly way
  7. (verb)   to stab or hack at a body
  8. (noun)  a crowbar or pointed iron bar for making holes in fence posts

 History: Scots: mainly uncertain, but some definitions from the English  muddle and puddle

 Example: “Mrs Ford accused me of having a guddled desk worse than  the inside of a third year’s sports bag.”   

 To view previous Words of the Week click here.


The 2010 Prizegiving Ceremony took place on Monday 14th June. To check out who our 2010 prizewinners are click here.


 Thanks to Utopia Computers in High Glencairn Street, KA Web is back  on line. The power supply for the laptop containing the school website  and all of its resources passed away peacefully at the weekend and it  was going to take a week or two to replace it. However, the experts at  Utopia were able to supply exactly what was required from their  extensive stock. Utopia are on East Ayrshire Council's official list of  suppliers and have some great special offers at the moment. In a crisis,  it's good to be able to turn to a local business with global expertise.


Hi everyone, I came across the website and I think it is fantastic.  I attended KA from 1995-2000.  I can't believe the change in staffing and it would be lovely to see some old faces on the site.  From the age of 14 onwards I would tell my guidance teacher at the time, Mr. Kerr that I wanted to be an air-steward and I did fly for 3 years.  I recently completed my Nursing Degree and I am now working as an Intensive Care Staff Nurse in Coatbridge.  I really love the job and it is very rewarding and pays well too. 
Anyway hi to all of the staff who remember me and to any former pupils who come for a look. 
 Gavin Morrison


 Congratulations to Miss Templeton who has been appointed Principal  Teacher of English at Auchenharvie Academy. For Lyndsey to get this  appointment four years into her career is a fantastic achievement and  an endorsement of the qualities and enthusiasm she has exhibited  throughout her time at KA. Over the past four years, Miss T has  contributed greatly to the life of the school, helping to organise Burns  suppers and serving on various committees. Above all, she was  responsible for the huge success of the KA's Got Talent days. These  involved the whole school and provided many pupils with great  experience of performing and the rest of us with colourful memories.

 Good luck Lyndsey! You will be missed - especially by your pupils.


Congratulations to Colin McLernon and Lynsey Reid who were married at the Graceland Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas on May 25, 2010. Lynsey, Mr Reid's daughter, and Colin had managed to keep their plans secret from both their families - only Elvis knew. Mr Reid, who found out about the happy event when he received a text from Lynsey, was delighted: "That's my lassie! In the words of Michael Corleone - I haven't lost a daughter, I've gained a son." So what next? Grandad?

We send our congratulations and best wishes to both the Reids and the McLernons. If the future is even half as much fun as the wedding ceremony, then Colin and Lynsey will do just fine!


 Ian McGavin, who was  seriously injured on Saturday afternoon when  the X77 Stagecoach bus from Ayr to Glasgow crashed, remains in  Crosshouse with serious injuries. He will be, quite literally, on his back  for another six weeks. However, he is now lucid and able to chat. Ian's  Fiat had broken down near the end of the on-ramp. He was out of  his  car and on the grass verge when he was hit.
 Ian is a former pupil, a former teacher with a great understanding of  Physics and just a really nice guy. We all hope that he makes a full  recovery from his very serious injuries.


 I was looking through the web site and found my football team photo .I  had many great times at the school.My friends at school and some now  are the best ever.We were not a great team result-wise but we tried  our hearts out.We have in the photo Willie riddick(chunk),Gary  Logan  (rubble),Gavin diet,wee wuff,Garreth Caldwell(lugs),Blair Stephenson  (dome) and myself Bobby Calder aka (firrit) second from the right. Our  manager was Mr Richardson(wolf man),who was a P.E teacher. I am  just a proud student just letting folk know Kilmarnock Academy is a  great school!  No bad memories from me.

 Cheers, Bobby Calder (Click here or picture on left)


 Congratulations and very well done to former pupil Craig Conway whose  two goals and man-of-the-match performance helped Dundee United  win the Scottish Cup final on Saturday 15th May
at Hampden Park.  Craig put in a fantastic performance throughout the match but it was  towards the end of the game that he really came into his own and  inflicted major damage on opponents Ross County, scoring in the 75th  minute and again in the 86th. It's fair to say that his goal celebrations  suggested that he was quite pleased.

 When the match ended, Craig was the first player from the winning side  to offer his commiserations to the defeated and disappointed Ross  County players - a gentleman as well as a star! Well done Craig - we  are all proud of you and your achievement! (Although we are just a bit  relieved that your Scottish Cup triumph wasn't with your last club.......)


Kilmarnock Academy has a long tradition of sporting achievement, and school sports records go back almost 100 years. Nowadays there are six annual athletics championships for which the pupils can enter, with fine silver trophies as prizes for the winners.

The oldest of these competitions – established in 1918 - is the senior boys’ championships, for which the Copland Cup is awarded. The Turner Cup - the competition for junior boys - followed in 1924, and the Eric Clark Cup for girls began in 1925. It was the 1970s & 80s before the trophies for the other competitions came into being.

What of the benefactors who presented the early trophies to the school? Stephen King, the school Librarian and Archivist, and Lesley Hamilton, a member of the PE department, have been tracking down information. We know that R. D. Copland lived in London Road, Kilmarnock and was a manager in the Royal Steam Packet Company. There are grainy photographs of him, in the sports records, but little other information (to read on and view lists of cup winners click here).

 Report by Stephen King - School Librarian

The 2009 winners of the Eric Clark Cup and Copland Cup – Sophie Mulholland and Ross Menzies.

R.D.A. Willock who won the Turner Cup at Kilmarnock Academy in 1943. Dougie was also in the 1st XV rugby team.

September 2009: R.D.A. Willock reunited with the Turner Cup he won as a school boy at Kilmarnock Academy in 1943.

 I was Eileen Gilmour at school and I am helping to arrange a reunion for  the class of 1980. I wondered if you could put a notice on the school  website before the holidays?
 I've loved the website and found it really useful over the past few  years when my daughter was a pupil. It was the only way I knew what  she was up to!!!
 Class of 1980 Reunion, The Thistle, Hurlford. Saturday 7th August, 8pm  - 1am
 Tickets on sale now! £5 to cover DJ and food. 
        Contact Paula Wilson       07789 718739,
        Caryl McCrindle               07812 936803,
        Morag Clark                    07753 769827        
     or Eileen Gilmour                 07910 639462        
 or leave a message on Facebook page KA 1980 - 30 Year!
 We've managed to find a good number of classmates, but are struggling  with some. Would it be possible to see a copy of the register for our  year?
 I really appreciate any help you can give us, and all your hard work on  the website!

 Best wishes, Eileen Meek.


Blu-ray competition (Mrs Ford)
The Dick Institute now has Blu-ray discs to hire.  Anyone borrowing a Blu-ray or DVD can enter a competition to win a Blu-ray player.  You might want to enter – someone has to win!

Corridor past the assembly hall (Mrs Ford)
You must not use this corridor when the signs are in place.  Please use the playground to travel between buildings and give the exam candidates the best chance possible to do well.

Latecoming (Mrs Ford)
A reminder to pupils that latecomers are no longer allowed to interrupt class when they arrive at school.  It is very rude to be late for class and disrupts the education of everyone else in the class.  Make sure you are on time for all classes.

Energy conservation (Mrs Ford)

As you know we recycle paper, cans and tins in school.  Please help to reduce our energy use by politely reminding teachers to switch off lights or equipment when not in use.  This is something you should do at home also.  Never leave equipment on standby; this is very wasteful of electricity.

For more details and events click here.

March/April 2010


With pupils returning to school on Tuesday 20th April, some teachers are still stuck overseas and many Scottish pupils, facing vital exams
within days, are also stranded. S4 pupils stuck overseas are just 10 days away from their Standard Grade English exams and are missing out on vital revision time because of the ash cloud from the Icelandic volcano.

Similar problems are being faced by universities and colleges as many lecturers and students are also stranded abroad with exams looming.


In order to provide support during the run up to the May exams, an Easter Study programme will be running again this year. Click here for details. Also, check out the following resources:

English Higher/Int. 2 Study Guide
Helping your child to Revise at Home  
S4 Revision Schedule
S4 Standard Grade English - A Study Guide


The Easter Concert was cancelled due to the adverse weather conditions on the evening of 30th March. The weather forecast for that night:

"Exceptionally severe conditions this evening and tonight with heavy snow especially south and east of Glasgow. Severe drifting on high ground with blizzard conditions likely. Northeasterly gales, locally severe. Minimum temperature 0 °C."


Very well done to fifth year pupil Gregor Keachie who has won the first ever ACE award in Ayrshire for demonstrating courage and determination in the face of difficulty.  Many congratulations to Gregor.


Hello to whom ever is responsible for running the past pupils of Kilmarnock Academy web site.  My name is Jim Goldie and I was at the school  in the late 50s. I don't seem to have made a magic difference in this world or in business life. Though I am very proud of my family and our family life.

We live in Bolton Lancashire and have a very nice home and enjoy travel. We are both retired . My wife was a teacher and a head of department in a good secondary school in Manchester. I worked as a staff trainer for a large company. My eldest daughter is a lecturer married to a building society manager and my youngest daughter is a solicitor married to another solicitor.  We have three wonderful grandchildren. I am hoping my grandson will play tennis for Great Britain when he gets a bit older..

At this moment I cannot remember any names of boys in my class or even the class that I was in. This is a cause of old age and the lack of being in Kilmarnock for over 40 years.

Now that I have found this web site I hope that I may get back in touch with past pupils who may know me and may be able to fill in some of the blanks.

I went to Hillhead primary school , then had 6 months at James Hamilton  and finally Kilmarnock Academy. I then had an apprenticeship at Glenfield and Kennedy and then spent 1 year at Scottish Aviation at Prestwick airport. Then left to work in Manchester. My wife and I have owned 14 properties and are now settled in a really nice home. 

Thank you for a great site

James Goldie       64 years young


My name is Allan Watt. I attended Kilmarnock Academy from 1954 until 1958.

I came across your website while browsing the internet. I have attached two photos from the 1955-1958 era. One is a class photo from 1958, the other is one taken of the prize winners outside the Grand Hall in the summer of 1956 .In the class photo of year VI taken in 1958, I am immediately to the right of the rector Robert McIntyre.

I would love to hear from any of my classmates from that time. Additionally, although he was a couple of years ahead of me at the Academy, I would love to hear from Willie McIlvanney. We used to meet at the Coffee Club on Bank Street after a hard days teaching, where Willie would have us all in fits with his tales of learning to drive.


Hi everyone my name is Darren Guy and I attended Kilmarnock Academy in the early 90’s straight from my time at Loanhead Primary. I moved to Manchester in 1996 where I began working in Healthcare, I now live in the South of the City with my partner. Despite the fact that I was the most awkward, moody and pretentious  teenager in the world I’ve long since grown up & gone onto be Manager of a Healthcare Company.

The teachers at the Academy were a great bunch and I often think of my time at both Loanhead and Kilmarnock. I remember very well my art teacher Mrs Ford and my fantastic English teacher Ms Fullarton, Biology was Mr Roberts (a real character) oh and who can forget Mr Park and the PE teachers driving past us every Wednesday as we all tried to run to the playing fields some more successfully than others I might add. Mr Oliphant my maths teacher was a great guy and someone who I only really learned to appreciate looking back as an adult.

Upon a recent visit to the area I actually drove to the drive just to see the old place, Loanhead and the Institute. Couldn’t believe the old art & music block was private flats, seems like yesterday I was making clay figures and running up those grand stairs late for Mrs Fords class.

I am extremely proud to have attended Kilmarnock Academy and would stress to everyone, enjoy it and stick in because it’s all over too soon and then the big world of work & life really kicks in and you rarely get the chance to look back.

Great to see the pictures the website is fantastic and really shows the spirit of the place and everyone in it. Well done to everyone involved.

Would be great to see old School Pics from the 70s,80s,& 90s

Darren Guy

February 2010


It’s not often that something finds its’ way home after 105 years – but  this cup has just made the long journey back to Kilmarnock Academy  from Canada.

 This fine trophy was won by the school’s Cadet Corps at the Scottish  Command Naval & Military Tournament in 1905, as first prize (tent  pitching).

 The Cadet Corps at the school had been established some four years  earlier by Captain (later Lieutenant-Colonel) David Yuille, TD, JP, a  member of the Territorial Army (1st Volunteer Battalion, Royal Scots  Fusiliers), former pupil, and at that time a primary teacher at the  Academy. It is believed that this Corps was amongst the first to be  established at a state-aided school in Scotland.  The uniform consisted  of “…a Norfolk-type jacket with .... (To read on click here)

 Photo by Hinks Photography  

 Report by Stephen King - School Librarian


63 KA pupils attended U Can Do It 2, a careers event organised through Determined to Succeed, on Tuesday 2nd February. During the event each pupil took part in two separate workshops delivered by a variety of companies & training providers. They thoroughly enjoyed the event and it certainly gave them food for thought on what their aspirations may be for the future.

Report and Pictures by Mr Ramsay


It was really good to hear recently from Miss Brown who left our English Department in June 2009 and is currently touring Australia:

We have had an absolutely fantastic trip so far.  We spent a couple of weeks in Sydney when we first arrived - what a beautiful city.  We did all of the touristy things like 'Jet Boating' around the harbour,  a visit to the Opera House (disappointingly brownish/nicotine stained in colour), hiking through the Blue Mountains and sun bathing on the infamous Bondi Beach.  We had dinner at the revolving tower restaurant where I declined the opportunity to taste Kangaroo.  I just couldn't bring myself to do it (see photo).
Our Sydney adventures did not last long, as the cost of living there is unimaginable!  We knew it would be expensive but we were not prepared for AUD$14 per drink, with the measures a measly 15ml!  We took a few weeks to travel up the East Coast, stopping at some beautiful surfing towns such as Byron Bay, Rainbow Beach and Hervey Bay.  I had a few surf lessons and you will be pleased to know that I can now stand up on a surf board, without stabilisers.  As disappointing as this may sound, I can assure you all that this is a great achievement.  Other fantastic activities we have participated in during our travels on the coast include scuba diving and snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef, sky diving, self drive jeep safari on Frazer Island, a cruise around the Whitsunday Isles and jungle surfing in the rainforest of Cape Tribulation.

While the weather here is utterly roasting with temperatures in Perth reaching 43 degrees over the last few weeks, I have indeed experienced some winter nostalgia and almost wished I was at home with you all in the ice and the snow.  On learning that there was not a single hip replacement left in the whole of Dumfries and Galloway over the Christmas period, I quickly came to my senses.
I hope that everyone is well at K.A, it is hard to believe it is this time of year again already.  My thoughts are with those of you who have to deal with second year after the Christmas holidays.  I have attached a few photos of my adventures for you to laugh at.
Best Wishes
Lauren Brown


Summer activities (Mr Ramsay)
Only pupils who have gained the appropriate amount of rewards can attend.  Pupils unable to attend will be informed in due course.  Alton Towers is only open to years 3,4,5 and 6.  All other trips/activities are open to all year groups. Only a certain number of places are available on trips.  This year’s trips will be held on Monday 28th June.  Activities are:

Skatepark, Unit 23, Dumbarton – cost £12  (£18 with skateboard hire and helmet hire) – Unlimited places
Inverclyde Leisure Centre – Swimming and Skating - £8 including skate hire – Unlimited Places
Laserquest and Ten Pin Bowling at XScape - £17 – Limited Places
Alton Towers – S3-S6 - £40 (£15 deposit) – Limited Places
Loudoun Castle Theme Park - £10 per head – Unlimited Places
Sign up for all activities in the Old Academy Hall at lunchtimes Monday to Thursday (8th - 11th February).

Quiz club (Miss MacDonald/Miss James)
Sorry but Quiz Club will not be on this Thursday (21st January) but will resume as normal next week.

Y Dance Class (Mrs Miller)
Sign up for this class now.  Starts on Thursday 21st January 3.30 – 4.30 pm.  Spaces are limited.  See noticeboard in PE Department.

Free Football on Fridays (PE Department)
Football for 12-18 year olds on Friday evenings – see notice in PE or link corridor for venues and times.  Come along as part of a team or individually to play. 

For more details and events click here.

January 2010


 We have received word of a planned KA former pupils' reunion:

 "I was wondering if you could put a message on the website inviting all  pupils who started in 1983 to a school reunion on Friday the 19th of  February 2010, and if they are interested to email myself Julie  Plenderleith at and I'll give them more details.
 Thanks, Julie Plenderleith"


Wednesday was the 65th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. Holocaust Memorial Day offers us a chance to hear the stories of Holocaust survivors directly from them, before it is too late. The numbers of survivors who have built their lives, communities and families here in the UK are inevitably diminishing, and, as they become frail, their thoughts are turning to future remembrance and the preservation of their memory.
This is where you come in.
We’re asking you to take their messages to your colleagues, to your communities, to your friends and your families. We’re asking you to ask people to become part of the Legacy of Hope. (Click here to read on)


With prelims starting next month, it's worth remembering the Raising Attainment Working Group's advice to parents on how they can help their children as they revise for examinations and the benefits of a detailed revision schedule. Attending Supported Study will also help!
To view the prelim timetable click here.

The following sections of KA Web also provide guidance and support:
English Higher/Int. 2 Study Guide    
Helping your child to Revise at Home  


You will all be aware of the disastrous earthquake in Haiti and the effect it has had on the lives of the people there.  We will be raising money next week to help with the relief effort – start saving now so you can donate as much as possible.

Mrs Ford


 We recently received the following e-mail with important news from  Northwest Amateur Boxing Club:

  Thank you very much for including Northwest Amateur Boxing   Club on the Health & Fitness page of your web site.
  The club has now created a new web-site & if possible could you   also add this to your page?
  Northwest always welcomes new members. The club is now open 5   nights per week for various classes. Northwest ABC teaches the art   of boxing & vigorously promotes self-discipline,self respect, respect   for others & general fitness....."

To read on click here.

Hi there, I woz a pupil at the academy bout 24 yrs ago i moved 2 North Wales my name is Gillian Baccerini AKA McCrone I woz friends wif a couple of girl Tracy Hill, Rosemary Whiteside, Suzanne MClymount, Elaine McGregor the boys I can remember Scott McCall and David McCall not related I have move back 2 Kilmarnock and wud like 2 track sum peeps who may remember me or the above u can get in touch im also on facebook
Thanks folks - Gilly

Mrs MacInnes's class have created surveys for the rest of the class to  answer online. Once the class has completed the surveys they will  analyse the responses. To access the surveys, Mrs MacInnes's pupils  should click here .

This picture of David Murray appeared with a tribute in The Goldberry magazine in June 1908


 Dear Sir/Madam,
 I have recently found your website while I was researching my Murray  family.  I was surprised and thrilled to see the information on Rector  David Murray both from the information put up by the Academy and  from the notes on William Boyd placed on the feedback webpage.   David Murray is my great-great uncle and your website has given me  so much further information on a man who was up until recently just a  ‘name’.  I was wondering, however, if the Academy had any further  information on David that could fill in any further gaps about this  fascinating man – it seems that not only was he intelligent, he was  very personable and well-liked by those students who were taught by  him – and any information would be gratefully appreciated.

 Kind regards,

 Michelle Smith - Auckland, New Zealand.

December 2009




The last time we had a Spot the Differences some people said it was too easy.... so this one is just a bit more challenging. There are 20 differences in all. Click on the pictures below if you want to scrutinize them more closely.


 KILMARNOCK U13s 11 – 0 INVERCLYDE ACADEMY U13s            

 Trounced, humiliated, conquered and crushed. Needless to say,  Inverclyde were haplessly and emphatically out-played, out-classed  and out-muscled by Killie U13s in this whitewash.
 Killie got their noses in front very early in the match when Lewis Route  put his head over and laces through the ball to shoot low past the  Inverclyde goalie. Rory Connell made the ..... (to read on click here ).

 MR KING'S WORD OF THE WEEK              Tues, 15th December 2009


 (noun) the formation of words whose sound is imitative of the sound  of the noise or action designated, such as hiss, buzz, bang, splat, etc.

 History:(1-6): from C16th , originally from Greek onoma, meaning  name, and poiein, to make             

To view previous Words of the Week click here.


 In recent years, East Ayrshire Council has been working hard to make  the town centre an attractive and welcoming environment for  residents, businesses and visitors. With pressure on town centre  businesses from retail parks, large company chains and internet trade  the Council's support is vital. That support received a boost recently  with the appointment of Glasgow woman Fiona Nicholson as town  centre manager.
 As Kilmarnock Academy is situated on the edge of the town centre and  KA Web supports the council and local businesses in their efforts to  make the town a more pleasant and prosperous place for all of us who  live and work here, a new section SPOTLIGHT ON LOCAL BUSINESS has  been added to KA Web. The first local business we have put under  the spotlight is RGM Music, in Nelson Street .


 According to the Telegraph, "Christmas cracker firm Swantex has  dropped dozens of jokes, including mother-in-law gags and references  to animal cruelty, in favour of more ‘politically correct’ alternatives."  Perhaps they should also reconsider calling them 'crackers' as that  name could be deemed offensive to teachers and other unstable  individuals. The term cracker is also used colloquially in a sexist  manner, usually by middle-aged men in nightclubs (as in "Check her oot  man.... she's a cracker!)
 (to read the rest of the Telegraph story click here ).


 We have received word of a planned KA former pupils' reunion:

 "I was wondering if you could put a message on the website inviting all  pupils who started in 1983 to a school reunion on Friday the 19th of  February 2010, and if they are interested to email myself Julie  Plenderleith at and I'll give them more details.
 Thanks, Julie Plenderleith"

November 2009

On Wednesday 11th and Friday 13th November 2009 (unlucky for some!), Kilmarnock Academy celebrated “European Day of Languages” in style!  The Assembly hall was decorated thanks to the efforts of the S6 pupils from the Spanish class with the brightly coloured flags of many European Nations, (made by S1 and S2 classes).  S1 and S2 pupils had fun dancing to French and Spanish music, singing a song and playing some musical games such as Corners and Simon Says – in French, of course! (To read on click here.)
Report by Mrs Stables


Kilmarnock Academy had three winners in the top ten adult writers in this East Ayrshire competition.  Very well done to Scott Milloy, Marc Strain and Lomax Allwood.  If you think you do not know who Lomax Allwood is that is because he is writing under a pseudonym.  Step forward Mr Stephen King, School Librarian.  Three out of ten in East Ayrshire's top adult writers – a great result.

Report by C. Ford


Had a look at the web site today, very interesting & great reading. I was a pupil from 1972 till 1978, was in Loudoun House, my first Registration teacher was Mrs Hollywood.I remember a few staff:

PE: Mr Bone, Mr Park, Mrs Miller
Science: Mr Lyndsey, Mr Wells, Mr Watt, Mr Paterson, Mr Sheridan, Mr Robertson, Miss Walker
Home Economics: Mrs Black, Miss Bleese, Mrs I' Anson
Music: Mr Walker, Miss Christie
History: Mr Bunyan (used Izal toilet roll as tracing paper!)
English: Mrs Wells, Mrs Fulton
French: Miss Richmond
German: Mr Milligan (came in one day with one black shoe & one brown shoe! blamed the dark mornings)
Maths: Mr Oliphant, Mr I' Anson
Geography: Mr Herbert, Mr Scouler

There were others that I remember but did not teach me, Miss Carey, Miss Chesney, Mr Proudfoot (kept his belt on his shoulder under his cloak!) I attended a reunion at the school in 1997, 25 years after starting at KA, and it was great to catch up with classmates. I now live in Milan Italy. I am Pupil Welfare Officer (school nurse!) in a private British school. Don't know if school days were the best days of my life!!,have very fond memories but sadly no photographs. Will certainly be a regular reader now of your web site.

All the very best, Carol Wells, nee SLOAN


On the afternoon of Thursday, 26th November, Kilmarnock Academy staged the Celebrating Success Tea Party. The purpose of the event was to recognize just some of the hard work put in by staff and pupils as well  as to highlight some of the success stories from within Kilmarnock Academy. The event was hosted by Mr Kerr and Mrs Ford. As well as being attended by visitors from  outwith the school, the event was attended by many members of staff who were attracted by the free (and  very successfully baked) scones, cakes, meringues and biscuits.

To view the full list of awards click here.

More pictures here

 The Trashcan Sinatras played an open-air gig at Kilmarnock town  centre on Saturday at 4pm. And what an impressive gig it was!

 The band were based in Kilmarnock throughout the 1990's although  these days three of them are based in Glasgow and three in Los  Angeles. In July and August they toured the United States and also  played in Japan, promoting new album In The Music. This month they  have been touring the UK and the Kilmarnock gig was the final date  of  the tour.

 Despite the fact that the band have produced some of the best music  out there, an awful lot of people have never even heard of the band  and most people have never listened to their music. If you are one of  that deprived majority, click the links to hear Hay Fever, Easy Read, Freetime and new single People - no hype, no Simon Cowell, no  Jedward - just  glorious music! And visit


 Kilmarnock Academy won the East Ayrshire Entrepreneurial Challenge  at Prestwick Airport on Wednesday 25 November.  The winning team  members were David Don, Fraser Kerr, Erin McKenzie, Suzanne Neville  and Graham Sharpe. 

 Miss Lyndsey Templeton's mentoring and coaching certainly paid off. 


 An Art & Fashion Show takes place at Kilmarnock Academy tonight  (Thursday). The Creative Stars night runs from 7 - 9pm.

 Admission - Free      Cafe

 Hatwalk - 8pm

 Pupil Award Ceremony     


 Kilmarnock Academy was in the news again on Thursday 19 November,  on Reporting Scotland BBC1 at 6.30pm and in news reports throughout  the day.  Mrs Ford delivered her presidential address to the School  Leaders Scotland conference of Scottish secondary head teachers and  deputes.  The content of her speech was highlighted on the news,  including footage of staff and pupils in school. The Times newspaper  also ran an article on this. To read what Mrs Ford had to say, visit the  BBC, or The Herald or Young Scot.

Did you see The Politics Show on Sunday 15th November at midday?  Mrs Ford was interviewed on film and live in the studio about exactly  what being a Head  Teacher is all about. The report was looking into  the reasons why so few teachers nowadays want to be head  teachers. The film report also featured some footage of pupils and of  Mrs Stables demonstrating the latest French dance moves.



8th NOV. 2009

The Kilmarnock Remembrance Service was held on 8th November at the War Memorial, just opposite the Dick Institute.  Many organisations were represented at the service, including the British Legion, uniformed youth groups, cadet corps and local authority personnel.  Each group layed a wreath in memory of the fallen of two world wars and more recent conflicts. 

School pupils of East Ayrshire were represented by the Head Boy and Head Girl of Kilmarnock Academy, and a small group of senior pupils from the school.  As the oldest secondary school in Kilmarnock, one which lost many pupils and teachers during both world wars, it was appropriate that Kilmarnock Academy pupils should lay the wreath on behalf of all East Ayrshire pupils.

In Kilmarnock Academy there was a Remembrance Service at the school war memorial in the Old Academy building at 11am on the 11th of November.  This short service for senior pupils and staff has taken place every year since the end of World War I.  This year two second year pupils, Daniel Napier and Robyn Scott, read their competition winning poems on the theme of war at the service. 

C. Ford


 The Imprint Festival is now in its third year. For 2009 there is a packed  programme full of best-selling authors and poets including Jackie Kay,  Liz Lochhead, James Robertson, James Kelman, Caro Ramsey, Scotland  on Sunday Literary Editor Stuart Kelly and TV personality and author  Neil Oliver. We’re also delighted to welcome Gary Moffat to his home  town to discuss his debut novel Daisy Chain. For children we also have  a whole variety of events from storytimes and drama workshops to  Meet the Author events. Some events are already sold out. To find out  what's on and what's still available click here.


 The BBC recently added a link to the English Standard Grade Study  Guide on KA Web. The link to the Study Guide makes us the only  school  in Scotland to have a direct link from Bitesize English. In fact  the only  other external links from Bitesize English are the SQA site and  Sparknotes on Macbeth. The Beeb was attracted to our Study Guide  not only by the quality of the content but by its accessibility - "lots of  useful information written in a fun style". Well done to Mr McIlvanney  for creating the Study Guide - and all in his own time. Click here.  Report by Mr McIlvanney's Mum

October 2009


 Flava, semi - finalists from Britain's Got Talent performed to a group of S4 pupils at Centrestage on  Wednesday 21st October. The pupils then took part in a motivational workshop based on street dance. All  thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Stephen Connell, 4W held up the side for the guys.
 Report and photos by Mr Ramsay

 On the 26 th of August a class of 14 from Kilmarnock Academy visited  the Coca Cola bottling and distribution plant in East Kilbride to learn  how every thing works - like the bottling, transportation and packaging  - but that's a small list. They got on a bus and it was a short journey  to East Kilbride . When they arrived you could barely keep them off the  bus even though it was raining when they got in they had to wear  safety jackets and then sat down to watch a presentation. The  presentation told them about the process of making Coca Cola, making  bottles, filling bottles, packaging, storage, and transport. Then they  got to see the production line which is totally done by machines,  although there are some employees to check the machines and discard  the mistakes of the machines.

 After seeing the machines they had a break and enjoyed a drink and  discussed what type of customers would be targeted for that drink.  That was the trip to the Coca Cola factory.
 Report and photos supplied by Mrs MacInnes

August/ September 2009


To check out all of the new faces at K.A. for session 2009/2010 click here.

Mr McMenamin - Art

Miss Delvigne - Mod. Lang.

Mr Rowe - Tech.


 It must take a lot of books for Mr King to be able to hide - 104,  actually. This collection has been kindly donated by Mrs MacDonald in  the office - the result of a mammoth clear-out of her daughter's  bedroom. Included within this huge pile are some near perfect "Horrible  Geographies" (not a comment on Ms James' teaching!), and a mountain  of "Point Horror" scaredy ghosty terror books.

 All these will soon be added to Library stock; some may be used to  replace old, tatty copies that we already have. Many thanks, Mrs  MacD!

 Donated books are always welcome in the Library - I can't guarantee  to use them all, but I will certainly look at any that come my way, and  send rejects off to other good homes. Can anyone beat 104?
 Stephen King, School Librarian