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 "Food is an important part of a  balanced diet."
  - Fran Lebowitz

 "I am not a glutton - I am an  explorer of food."
  - Erma Bombeck

 "Never eat more than you can lift."
  - Miss Piggy

 "Glutton: one who digs his grave  with his teeth."
  - French Proverb

 "Never drink black coffee at lunch; it  will keep you awake all afternoon."
  - Jilly Cooper

 "There is no love sincerer than the  love of food."
  - George Bernard Shaw

 "You can tell a lot about a fellow's  character by his way of eating  jellybeans."
  - Ronald Reagan

 "One must eat to live, not live to  eat."
  - Moliere

 "Food is our common ground, a  universal experience."
 - James A. Beard

 "Only Irish coffee provides in a  single glass all four essential food  groups: alcohol, caffeine, sugar,  and  fat."
 - Alex Levine

Food & Diet

Welcome to the FOOD & DIET section of our school website. Here we aim to make it easy for you to extend your knowledge of all types of food and of the implications of diet. In addition we have a range of links to sites that provide you with:


 INFORMATION - Celebrity chef recipes.

 SUPPORT - Healthy Eating - Find out all about how "eating healthy" can improve your feeling of  well-being and, at the same time, satisfy your tastebuds.

 INFORMATION - The Science of Food - We all know that vitamins and extracts are essential for  our bodies to function efficiently. Now you can find out how and why.

 SUPPORT - International Recipes - From Vietnamese to Cajun, from Mexican to Scottish  (yes....SCOTTISH!) You can add a little colour and spice to your life with some simple but  imaginative recipes.

 SUPPORT - Cultivation Tips - Find out some top tips on growing your own produce.

 INFORMATION - Local suppliers of organic produce.

 Left click on a text link and the site will open in a new window.

You can try out some recipes from the celebrity chefs below by clicking on the chef's book cover. The links provide you with an impressive range of recipes - and they are free!


         Find out about other celebrity chefs by clicking here.

A Healthy Diet - This site explains why having a healthy diet is one of the most important things you can do to help your overall health.
14 Keys to a Healthy Diet - This UC Berkeley site provides a methodical, step-by-step approach to achieving and maintaining a healthy diet.
Healthy Heart Diet - All of the food you eat effects the health of your heart. This site helps you to learn which foods are "heart smart" and illustrates why you should try to include them as a regular part of your diet.
Diets,Weight Loss Programs,Diet Plans,Diet Pills REVIEWED!  - This site provides a comprehensive guide to most of the weight loss diets that are doing the rounds - from Atkins to Zone.
Eat Well - This site covers every aspect of the influence of diet on health and even includes a "Body Mass Indicator".
Control of Food Intake - This site explains why it is so important to understand the factors that control food intake.
Detox Menu - Long-lasting natural health - This site looks at all aspects of Detox diets - an interesting and sometimes controversial approach to health.
The Food standards Agency, Scotland - This site provides a lot of useful information and links, presented from a Scottish perspective.

Howstuffworks How Food Works - If you look at the "Table of Contents" box on this page, you will be able to check out other food-related topics such as Proteins, Vitamins and Water.
Nutrition and Exercise - This Canadian site provides information on how to achieve peak performance through nutrition and exercise.
Vitamin Guide Index
- This site provides a comprehensive guide to vitamins, their effects and their benefits.
Centre of Excellence
- This site provides a range of information on vitamins and other dietary issues. It also gives advice on how to plan a sensible diet.
Food and the Body - This site is aimed at children and has some interesting facts about food as well as a "healthy food pyramid".
Information Center - Herbs, Vitamins, Weight Control - This site provides an extensive but easy-to-follow guide to herbs and vitamins and their influence on our health.

Global Chefs - Every month, this site brings you great new recipes from top chefs. It organizes its recipe files into handy categories such as Appetizers, Soups & Salads.
Great Food Ideas Recipe Menus - This site has lots of great food ideas and includes a section on wine.
Fatfree - The Low Fat Vegetarian Recipe Archive - This is a really useful site with low-fat recipes for just everything apart from deep-fried pizza. (There is one annoying pop-up window telling you that "you have one new message". Just close it and check out the recipes which are well-organized in categories.)
All Recipes - This covers just about everything but is well-organized under different headings such as Entertaining, Ethnic & Regional, Healthy Living and Special Diets.
The Creole and Cajun Recipe Page - Here you'll find some culinary basics -- stocks, sauces, seasonings, and the like -- as well as a few tastes of many other regional and world cuisines.
Cajun Family's Recipe Collection - This site has no fewer than 14 categories, ranging from bread recipes to seafood recipes.
Chinese recipes-low fat vegetarian - This site has an impressive range of healthy, vegetarian Chinese recipes.
Recipe Source - World Recipes -
This site has organized its recipes into two major groups - "recipes primarily identified with an ethnic cuisine are broken down by region and ethnic group, while other recipes are categorized by the type of dish."
Indian Recipes - low fat vegetarian - This site has an impressive range of healthy, vegetarian Indian recipes.
All India Site - Recipes Index - As well as providing a recipe of the week, this site provides links to a whole range of other sites specialising in Indian cuisine.
Mexican Recipes - low fat vegetarian - This site provides an extensive range of healthy options for those who enjoy Mexican food.

Cuisine - Scottish Recipes - This site had 358 Scottish recipes the last time I looked, including "Haggis - the Colorado, USA version". That's got to be worth a look!
Scottish Recipes
- This site specialises in Scottish Flavours. Wh
ile it doesn't include the deep-fried Mars bar, it does have some other interesting, traditional Scottish recipes.
Traditional Scottish Recipes - Scottish Culture
Remember all those things your Granny used to make? Well you'll find them here along with a lot of recipes you will never have heard of.

Gardening UK - This site covers a range of gardening issues as well as providing information on where to buy your seeds and equipment.
Soil Association Organic food, organic farming and sustainable forestry 
- This site covers all aspects of "organic living".
South Ayrshire Council - Organic Gardening 
"Hats off" to our neighbours at South Ayrshire Council who provide a guide to the tips, the facts and the myths about organic gardening.
Organic vegetable growing 
- This site provides a fairly brief butinformative guide to growing organic vegetables.
Vegetable seeds Nickys seeds Uk seed Merchant
 - This site has a huge range of vegetable seeds that can be purchased on-line.

Welcome to Stair Organic Growers - Stair Organic Growers run an organic box scheme delivering direct to homes in Ayrshire, Glasgow and South West Scotland.
 - Tesco's site offers organic produce, on-line shopping and home delivery.

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