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Where are they now?

No, this isn't a feature about our Senior Management Team but in fact a feature about some of our former colleagues who have moved on from Kilmarnock Academy. In the case of Frank Donnelly - our popular former rector - the answer to the question is probably "exercising his considerable talent in public speaking" or "putting in a round at Loudoun Golf Club". We're also happy to report that, after the recent fire in his library at home, Frank has fully recovered although, tragically, both his books were badly burned - and he hadn't even finished colouring them in! Anyway, if you can help to shed some light on the current whereabouts of some of our former colleagues, then please share that knowledge with the rest of us and contribute to this page.
To do so, you can e-mail us at formerteachers@www.kilmarnockacademy.co.uk .

Jim Wylie - Former PT Art


Since leaving Kilmarnock Academy, Jan Patience has worked as a journalist and editor for more than 20 years, writing for a wide and diverse range of publications.

She started her writing career on Business Scotland magazine in 1986 and quickly became Scotland's youngest-ever female editor. Spells on staff at the Sunday Mail , TV Quick and Business am followed. She was editor of the Daily Record 's award-winning Saturday magazine and was also launch editor of the wedding magazine I do! She has also been a part-time editor of a national monthly magazine about the paranormal, Beyond .

Currently freelance, she is a regular contributor to The Herald and Homes & Interiors Scotland , specialising in writing about Scottish contemporary art.

The following article appeared in The Herald Arts supplement on 15 March 2008. It is reproduced here with permission gratefully acknowledged.

Neil Dickson

A MASTER'S CLASS - a former teacher gets his due.      by Jan Patience

There are thousands of adults who owe a debt of gratitude to the guidance of art teachers in Scotland's secondary schools. These teachers were also painting away in their free time, honing and developing their skills while also encouraging several generations of children. Many of their pupils went on to find work in the visual arts business, while others were simply brought out of themselves by the creative atmosphere and people they found in the art rooms. (To read on click here.)


Portpatrick Sunset
Jim Wylie
Flow Country

Jim Lawson

Jim Lawson was our head of Modern Studies until
he retired a few years back. Apart from taking
up painting (pictures - not living rooms) Jim was
back at K.A. a fair bit, doing supply teaching to help
provide cover during staff absence. Jim was famous
for his flamboyant ties and headgear.

Around Christmas time, he is still very much in
demand as he swaps his deerstalker for a Santa hat,
and for a short time at least, makes children happy.


Anna Johnstone

Anna Johnstone was our head of Home Economics
for a good number of years. After her retiral she
returned to KA, doing supply teaching. Anna
is a fine advert for the benefits of retirement as she
is looking really well, has mellowed considerably and
has a very relaxed attitude to life now.

Anna still pursues her great interest in dogs - in
particular, Great Danes - and has a lot more time
to enjoy this pastime now.