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OUR S.M.T. 2012 - 2013

Special Features 

by Dr Neil Dickson

Writing by
Hugh McIlvanney

Ali v Foreman - an account of one of the most remarkable bouts in boxing history by former pupil and sports journalist, Hugh McIlvanney.

Best Years of Our Lives - Hugh McIlvanney recalls one of football's legends.

                Writing by
       William McIlvanney


The Prisoner - a short story by author and former pupil
William McIlvanney.

Dreaming Las Vegas - William McIlvanney writes about his trip to the city of shining lights.


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 Tuesday 2nd June 2015 :
 A bright but rather cloudy day with showery rain at times, the best of  the sunnier spells across Lanarkshire. Breezy with strong winds across  coastal areas. Maximum Temperature 14C.

 Outlook for Wednesday 3rd to Friday 5th June 2015 :
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Congratulations to Mr Bryan Paterson who was appointed as the new Head Teacher at Trinity Academy in Edinburgh on Wednesday 20th May 2015. Mr Paterson took up his post as Head Teacher of Kilmarnock Academy in August 2011 when he moved from Deans Community High School in Livingston. He made an immediate impact in promoting the smart image of the Academy with his uniform policy and demanding high standards of pupil behaviour both in school and in the community. He worked hard to secure much-needed building maintenance, alterations and redecoration, making the school a much more pleasant environment for pupils to learn in. Prior to the decision being made to locate the new school on the outskirts of New Farm Loch, Mr Paterson lobbied to have the new school built on the present Kilmarnock Academy site - an option that would have consolidated and continued the place of the Academy in the town's heritage, culture and history. Sadly, that was not to be. The Kilmarnock Academy flag he commissioned to fly from the tower in the Old Building bears testament to the pride he felt at being the Head Teacher of this school with its rich history and tradition of success. Mr Paterson was an energetic and driven Head Teacher who introduced a number of significant initiatives in his time at the Academy, including new subjects and a range of outdoor education opportunities for young people. He also introduced the philosophy of Connect which was created in a bid to work towards "zero exclusion". Mr Paterson must take particular pride in achieving that target in session 2014-2015 - quite an achievement!

With his own position and future uncertain due to the forthcoming school merger and with the Head Teacher post for the new "superschool" being advertised nationally, Mr Paterson felt compelled to secure his future elsewhere. He was successful in doing so recently when he was appointed Head Teacher at Trinity Academy. Once again, we congratulate him and wish him success in his new post.


Work hard, be prepared and do your best!

During Learning Through Work Week, between 3-7 November, young people in schools across the country are getting the opportunity to learn more about Modern Apprenticeships and the benefits of work based learning. 

If your school is active on social media, please help us spread the word of Learning Through Work Week using the hashtag #WorkLearnEarn.

SDS on social media     
Twitter:           @mywowscot

Facebook:     /myworldofwork

Websites   - A comprehensive guide to Modern Apprenticeships including the video and case studies that will be presented to the pupils during their session   - My World of Work’s new website for parents and carers providing information on how best to support their child with career choices  - Information and news of Scotland’s Modern Apprenticeship Awards 2014.

Social media - suggested posts for school Twitter    
Our pupils are finding out about Modern #Apprenticeships today. More info and case studies at #WorkLearnEarn

Great info on how to help your child with career choices @skillsdevscot new web service for #parents! #WorkLearnEarn

Thanks to <employer name> for coming to talk to pupils today about Modern #Apprenticeships. #WorkLearnEarn






Plans to merge Kilmarnock Academy with James Hamilton Academy in a new-build "superschool" on the existing James Hamilton site were approved by the Local Authority in October 2013 (click here). This will mean that our present S1 will start S4 at the new school, while our current S2 will be starting S5 at the time of the merger and move.

Below is an extract from the consultation document outlining the original options:

This report has been prepared following a review of the proposal that:

 Education provision at James Hamilton Academy be discontinued with effect from the end of the  2016/17  academic session in June 2017, or as soon as possible thereafter;
 Education provision at Kilmarnock Academy be discontinued with effect from the end of the 2016/17  academic session in June 2017, or as soon as possible thereafter; and
 That the young people attending these establishments transfer to a new build school establishment,  with  effect from the start of the 2017/18 academic session in August 2017, or as soon as possible  thereafter,  to be sited on ground at either:
 The existing James Hamilton Academy site on Sutherland Drive, Kilmarnock; or
 The former Diageo site on Hill Street, Kilmarnock
 Cabinet did not have a preferred option at this time but recognised that the inclusion of an Officer  recommended preferred option, based on the outcome of the critical option appraisal exercise was  normal  practice;
 That in recognition that the current Kilmarnock Academy site was not included within the site options  referred to at (3) above, careful consideration will be given by the Council to the future use of the iconic  1890 Kilmarnock Academy building;
(to view the rest of this document click here.)

At this point there is no indication as to what the new "superschool" will be named. It has been suggested that it is unlikely that it will be called Kilmarnock Academy when it will be situated on the site that has been home to James Hamilton Academy for around forty years now but as yet no decision has been made. A first draft of the architect plans for the new "superschool" are on display in the staff room at Kilmarnock Academy.

Below is a map indicating the location of the three Kilmarnock secondary schools from 2017. The new "superschool" will be located in the New Farm Loch area of the town, a few hundred metres from the new St Joseph's Academy Campus which is also in New Farm Loch. The new Grange Academy campus is situated in the Grange Estate. (Click on the map to enlarge).                                                                                                                                     02.10.2014



Staff return Friday 15th August     -     Pupils return Monday 18th August





Hello All,

I would just like to update everyone on how well our pupils did in the East Ayrshire Athletics Championship on Wednesday. Not only did our pupils do fantastically well in their sporting performance but their behaviour and attitude were superb and they were excellent ambassadors for the school.

Mr Stevenson, PE .

Pupil Event
Medal Position
Jennifer Carey 75m Hurdles
Jennifer Carey 75m Hurdles
Nicola Linton 75m Hurdles
Morgan Logan 100m
Owen McGhee 100m
Megan Donnelly 1500m
Jessica McCrum 1500m
Shannon Allison 800m
Laura Miller 300m
Rowan Sivewright 4x100m Relay
Megan Donnelly
Demi Muir
Jennifer Carey
Rebecca Derrick High Jump
Jamie McKinnon Long Jump
Megan Pratt Long Jump
Owen McGhee Long Jump
Megan Donnelly Javelin
Rebecca Derrick Javelin
Aaron Brown Javelin





Kilmarnock Academy took three teams of S2 pupils through to the F1 in Schools Scottish Regional Final 2013-14 held at Fife College, Kirkcaldy on February 25th and swept away the opposition for a fourth year running.

The three teams, Swift, an all girl team comprising of Abby Hopes, Bethany Lennox, Erin Mowat, and Jennie Shearin, Velocitatem, made up of David Millar, Marcus Smith, Grant Wilson and Jack Campbell, and FLASH, containing Ryan Dixon, Jack Mains, Scott Mains and Lewis Givens were coached superbly by Mr Campbell.

The competition involved pupils designing and manufacturing a Bloodhound balsa car with the aim of the car getting to the end of a 20m track as quick as possible. The pupils also had to deliver a presentation of their project in front of judges and demonstrate their technical knowledge by answering questions from professional engineers.

All three KA cars covered the 20m track in under 0.7 of a second (which is really just a blur!) and comfortably beat the opposition models with the nearest challenger taking over 1 second for the track distance. Velocitatem won the award for the fastest car with a time of 0.647 seconds. However, the overall winners are rewarded for their technical knowledge and presentation skills as well as the speed of their car. Because of this, Swift managed to pip Velocitatem for the overall winners of the Bloodhound challenge although both teams are invited to the UK National Finals in Birmingham later in March.

Well done to all the teams. Once again, Kilmarnock Academy are Scottish champions in this competition – that is now 4 years in a row!                                                                                                                               28.04.2014


“Le Château”
On Monday 17th February 2014 S1, S2 and S3 pupils who are currently studying French had the chance to watch a play in French performed by the theatre company “Onatti” .  A young English knight is sent to France to find a beautiful French lady to be King Henry VIII’s fourth wife.  Once he has found her, her must paint her portrait and return to England.  The only problem is that he only knows a little French and has never painted in his life!  The play was funny and the actors were entertaining.  Here are a few quotes from the pupils who enjoyed the play:

“The French for me was quite easy…. and their acting was very good!”   
“The story was quite easy to follow, the actors were very good and they always got their point across.”
“The actors were hilarious.”  
“It was really funny and amazing."                                                                                    28.04.2014


Once again this has been a very exciting term for us. Barely a week goes by when there isn’t a positive news story in the local press regarding the successes of our students and staff. 

The key to our continued success is undoubtedly the sheer hard work and determination of our staff and students.  Be under no illusion however; if we truly want to be recognised as the best school in East Ayrshire, we must also ensure that all our students receive a quality service tailored to their individual needs, aptitudes and aspirations and receive support and challenge to gain the best possible qualifications in national Examinations.

As you will know from the National Press, there have been issues in relation to developing and implementing new courses. Staff in this school are working to absolute capacity in ensuring a seamless transition from the old to the new.

We continue to work very hard to establish and affirm our core values and an ethos of high standards and expectations across the school. Our systems for target setting along with a very robust approach to monitoring and tracking student progress provide fantastic support and challenge to enable students to achieve their target.  Mentoring, Study Support, inspirational outside speakers and Easter school all deliver additional support to ensure students either get back on track or indeed stay on track for success at final exams.

For all the above, I remain very concerned at the extent of late coming which is often compounded by parents/carers dropping students off late for school. Although it is true to say that most are on time, no fewer than 89 students have been late more than 20 times since August – despite detention and letters home. You will appreciate the disruption to learning this causes if students are late for the first lesson of the day.

This sense of complacency and lack of ambition in some of our students needs to be addressed both at home and in school, and I trust I can count on your support here.

The work ethic must be emphasised for all our young people, especially in challenging times.  I am gratified in knowing that in working closely with parents and carers, and ensuring that you have all the information on your child’s progress and attendance and that we are able to work in partnership to ensure the best possible results for your children. The school will continue to develop ways of ensuring that we continue to build this partnership for success.

So as we approach the Easter break it is crucial that for our S4/5/6 students they use the time to best advantage. It is quite simply imperative that we ensure that the Easter break is used productively and to ensure that our students are as successful as they can be. Easter school will be available again this year, but this in itself won’t be enough. Students must learn from their prelims, and use much more of their own time to revise and study over the Easter break

Many thanks for your continued support in all we do.

Bryan Paterson
Head Teacher



Recently two students from Strathclyde University came to talk to S3 and S4 classes about the benefits of studying a foreign language . David Jasin, an international student from Spain who studies Mechanical Engineering with French, gave a very informative and interesting presentation about language learning. Sian Donkers studies Law with French and gave an inspiring talk about her experiences.  Both students highlighted the importance of having a foreign language in today's global economy as well as how studying languages can be life-enhancing as well as fun for personal, social and future employment opportunities. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the visit and we hope they will now be more aware of the many advantages of speaking a second language.                                                                                                                       22.04.2014





Dear Parent/Guardian

Latecoming and Punctuality
As you will know, I have repeatedly sought parental support in ensuring our students get to school on time, and I should like to thank you for your continued support in this.

Every day we have a warning bell at 08.40 alerting students that Registration will begin at 08.44. It is my expectation that all students are in the playground by the warning bell, thereby enabling them to get to registration at 08.44 and to begin the working day on time.

Unfortunately, many students still persist in being late for school; some having “slept in”, and others who make their way to school at a snail’s pace. What is most concerning however is that a good number of students are also being dropped off at school late by parents. This does not support positive learning and good habits, and I would ask that you please ensure your children arrive at school for 08.40.
Many thanks for your continued support in this.
Yours sincerely,


Bryan Paterson
Head Teacher



Author and former pupil William McIlvanney was in school on Friday afternoon. Willie was filmed in and around the school by Maurice O'Brien (pictured top left with Willie) as part of a documentary about the author, to be shown on BBC Scotland. Earlier in the day they had been filming at Kay Park, High Street, St Maurs Crescent and the railway arches. During perod six Willie visited Mr McIlvanney's S4 English class where he answered a range of questions put to him by the pupils. After that, Mr Paterson took Willie to see the improvements and restoration works that have given the Old Academy building an injection of colour and a new lease of life.                                                                                                   31.03.2014

Thanks to all the parents and carers who attended our

S2 Parents' Evening

Tuesday 11th March 2014 from 4.30 to 7.00pm




Dear sir or madam

My name is Jamie Dearie I went to kilmarnock academy from 2000 to 2004 and enjoyed school very much.

I was taught by Mr Guss Kerr who was an excellent teacher, Mr McGarry , Mr Richardson, Mr Weir, Mr Thompson and Mr Kleboe. 

I would just like to hear what teachers are doing and are they still there etc.

I am currently living in Manchester and I work in CNC machinery.

It would be good to hear back from you about the staff of 2000 to 2004 to hear how they all are doing.

Thank you


Jamie Dearie




   S4 Prelim Timetable

   S5/6 Prelim Timetable

   Supported Study Timetable



Hard to believe this is my third Christmas at Kilmarnock Academy.  I for one want to see Kilmarnock Academy as the highest achieving and most inclusive school in the county.

Our curriculum for excellence is well on track, and the teachers and support staff are working very hard to ensure all our students are well prepared for new qualifications.

As you will know last year we have in place a monitoring and tracking system in S4 and S5. We are extending this into S1 – S3 to ensure all our students know what their targets are and how to achieve these.  The impact of this is that we will be able to support all our students to be the best they can be and for our school to continue to have the fantastic reputation it has for improving examination results.  I also have to mention that as I write, we are the most inclusive school in the council; our exclusion rates are the lowest across the Authority by a long mile!  

We continue to support and challenge our students to be the best they can be, and I am in no doubt that we will continue to improve our results this session as the school continues to work closely with parents/carers to ensure that all our students are motivated to achieve the best possible examination results in May.

I am also delighted to note yet again, the continued positive press the school is receiving in the Kilmarnock Standard.  Not a week goes by without our local newspaper reporting good news stories.  In recent months stories as diverse as young entrepreneurs to sporting achievements, our charity work and musical events, fashion show and of course Comenius, whereby we hosted students and teachers from 9 European countries this year.  To be recognised as an International School is a quite marvellous accolade. All our efforts in recognising and celebrating wider achievement of our students
demonstrates that we are a school that is not only

recognised for our proud tradition in academic achievement, but also as a school which is on the move and has a keen eye to the future for all our students.

Kilmarnock Academy is moving forward with School of Athletics and will continue to support excellence in all sports having access to sports facilities and expertise which are second to none across the council.  It is also worth noting that at the moment, no fewer than six of our students represent our country in various sports. 

As I noted last year; alongside our sporting achievements the school continues to excel in the arts, design and performance.  Our Art, Design and Technology faculty are at the forefront of developments as is our music department which continues to deliver the highest quality performance across the council.  We are all looking forward to “Fame” in the new year! Again, the dedication of our staff in motivating our students to deliver such quality is nothing less than outstanding.

For all the good news stories over the last year, one issue continues to concern me somewhat.  A number of students are still persistently late and for no other reason than they slept in or are dropped off late by parents/carers.  Whilst I am the last person to dampen the festive spirit, this issue will need to be addressed.  In the world of work, lateness would simply not be tolerated.  I ask therefore that where this is an issue, you encourage your children to make punctuality a New Year’s resolution.

Remember too, the prelims start soon after we return!
Best wishes this festive season to you and yours.

Bryan Paterson - Head Teacher    


 Both Christmas and New Year are steeped in tradition and provide us  with a series of memorable markers in our lives. While the world around  us is changing rapidly, history and tradition help to provide us with  stability and continuity, reminding us of who we are and where we  come from. Below is an account of a Christmas Eve service in  Kilmarnock in 1907, written by LG, who was a K A pupil at the time. The  content of his report shows that some things have changed little over  the past hundred years - although hopefully we display a bit more joy  and festive spirit nowadays.                                                   N.McI.


Slowly the heavy bell tolls, thundering through the almost deserted streets its message of the speedy approach of Christmas, and announcing the immediate commencement of the ceremony which in every Catholic church celebrates the dawn of Christ's natal day. With many others, most, no doubt, genuine followers of the " True Church," we step through the gloomy porch into the great building itself and, heeding not the holy water, seat ourselves beneath the star-painted dome rising high above. At the far end, draped in white, stands the sacred altar. On it are placed many tall candles, and overhead two incense-bearing censers hang. Except the occasional clink of money scarce a sound is heard.
Suddenly, so suddenly that many taken unawares start surprisedly, an organ peals forth in a loud triumphant, almost blaring strain. Then changing to a gentler, soothing key the music slowly dies away. All again is silent.

Now the priests appear, and when the candles are lighted, take their stand round the altar. One steps up by himself, and in a loud, clear, voice exclaims, Dominus vobiscum ; et cum spiritu tuo sing back the choir in answer. The priest continues intoning the mass in a monotonous sing-song and, having no breviary, I find myself unable to follow. At peculiarly sacred passages the whole assembly kneels in prayer for a few minutes, while the priests wave censers above the altar, and the sweet, heavy smell of incense steals over the church.

First mass concluded, a young priest, preceded by two candle bearers, carries a golden crucifix round the altar. Behind him follow the acolytes and novices, ranging from four to six feet. Three priests (two short and fat, one tall and ascetic), clad in yellow brown robes, walking with religiously downcast eyes, bring the procession to a close.

Twice the whole ceremony is repeated, with only one interval when the tall priest makes a short Christmas address, mainly a plea for the poor. The choir then sings an Agnus Dei, slowly we file out into the cold night air, wish each other a " Merry Xmas," and hasten homeward.


from The Goldberry (Kilmarnock Academy School Magazine) March 1908.


Subject: Former fairly famous pupils!

Hugh Kerr 1955-59

Came to the Academy in 1955 from Hurlford never really took to the middle class ethos of the Academy.There is a lot of mythology about how good Scottish education in general and Kilmarnock Academy in particular was. In truth it failed a generation of working class young people who were alienated by the ethos of the school and were often rejected by the teachers and that supposedly great Rector Dr Macintyre. Many of my friends from Hurlford were among them including my brother Jim, later they would go on to university and achieve high positions but it was in spite of Kilmarnock Academy rather than because of it!

As for me I was called into Dr Mcintyres office and invited to leave he said " Kerr if you ever need a reference from me it will be an extremely bad one"! Many years later I reviewed Willie Mcilvanney's great book The Kiln which is less than flattering to the Academy. I said,  "Fortunately after collecting 3 degrees becoming a university lecturer and visiting professor in Australia and the USA and an MEP I never needed a reference from Kilmarnock Academy"!

Hugh Kerr 1954-59 (left at 15)

Senior Lecturer University of North London 1968-94
MEP Essex and Herts 1994-99
Press Officer Tommy Sheridan  Scottish Parliament 1999-2004
Freelance Journalist vice chair of Scottish Executive of National Union of Journalists


The Comenius Programme was set up to develop knowledge and understanding among young people and education staff of the diversity of European cultures and languages, and the value of this diversity; to help young people to acquire basic life skills and competences for their personal development, for future employment and for active European citizenship.

Kilmarnock Academy has been the centre of an exciting two-year Comenius project called “Art, Sport and Literature Against Violence at School” involving 10 countries from across the European Community.

The countries involved were Bulgaria, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Scotland and Turkey. Teachers and pupils from all these countries have been gathering at a different venue each time to explore aspects of this theme.

Already we have discovered, through sharing for example details of our national costumes, games and dances, a little about the different cultures involved in this project; and we have been discovering just how much we actually have in common. Hopscotch (known of course by other names and with slightly differing rules) for example is played all across Europe. Folk and country dances were uncannily similar and the tunes used in one country were often enjoyed in another though perhaps a slightly different dance.

During the first in November week it was the turn of Kilmarnock Academy to host the Scottish stage of this project, and staff and pupils prepared with great excitement and enthusiasm, looking forward to returning the wonderful hospitality shown us in our visits to Latvia, Greece and Germany; and to showing all the participants a guid Scottish welcome.

We were particularly delighted that the weather decided to join in with a beautiful sunny day on Sunday when most of the visitors arrived and on Monday afternoon when they were walking to the Dean Park.

The theme for this part of the programme is “Food” and we Scots know a thing or two about that – both preparing and eating it!

Each country has prepared an information session on their national foods and dishes, to be presented over the course of the week, and the theme of food will be taken very seriously in the evenings when the visiting teachers were able to meet and relax with some of Kilmarnock Academy’s staff in a variety of venues; while the pupils enjoyed the hospitality of our host families. We were particularly grateful to these families, who opened their homes to the visiting youngsters.

Our programme for the week included a visit to Kilmarnock’s Dean Castle and Country Park, the Annual Municipal Fireworks display, a walk around some of the historical sights of Kilmarnock’s town centre, a day trip to Edinburgh, an afternoon at the Transport Museum and Kelvingrove Museums in Glasgow.

In between pupils and staff were involved in various workshops in the school making tasty typically Scottish treats like tablet and shortbread and designing the bags to carry them home in!

On the final afternoon all the children participated in a mini Highland games, and the visit was finished off in true Scottish style with a Burns Supper and ceilidh on the last evening.

We all hope that the participating countries enjoyed their stay and made friendships that will last beyond the programme.

Report by Ms Fullerton



The book trust is compiling a list of the top 100 books to read before you're 14. World Book Day 2014 are launching a nationwide vote to find the top 50 books to read before you're 16. Kilmarnock Academy’s S2 book club has decided to help make your life easier by making a list of K.A.’s 20 best books that you should read before you leave school. To do this, WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Over the next few weeks you will be asked to vote for your favourite books of all time. The S2 book club will use these results to produce the final list of the school’s favourite books. As a thank you, everyone who votes will be entered into a random prize draw. There is 1 prize to be won for each year group. That’s 6 winners! So it pays to have your say - just remember to put your name on your voting form.

More information coming soon!

(words by Jack Park and Amber Dickson S2)


This prestigious award was given to former pupil, William McIlvanney, in recognition of his outstanding contribution to Scotland’s life and culture.

"The Saltire Society council was unanimous in their support for the award noting McIlvanney’s particular contribution to Scottish literature, inspiring and influencing new generations of Scottish writers, and enthralling and entertaining readers in Scotland and internationally. As a previous winner of the Saltire Book of the Year Award for his novel The Kiln, their recognition of his achievements is longstanding."

It has been a busy year for William McIlvanney. In addition to Canongate republishing his Laidlaw novels, he has launched his own website, Updated weekly, it features a growing body of his work.

The picture above shows William McIlvanney receiving the award at the Mitchell Library on 26th September 2013 and was provided by another former pupil, Douglas Coulter.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     N McI 3.10.2013


If you happen to be in Glasgow in the next few weeks, don't miss the opportunity to view the new exhibition of Helen Flockhart's work at The Compass Gallery in West Regent Street. The exhibition features paintings created by Helen over a fourteen month period. There is real variety within the collection and a real immediacy about her work - a blend of inspiration, vision and sheer craft.
I didn't study Art at school - having been channelled into doing sciences and the more "academic" subjects - but when I visited the Compass Gallery on Thursday, I found Helen's paintings to be an irresistible combination of the visually seductive and the thought-provoking. The exhibition is on until 19th October. Don't miss it.

For more information about the Exhibition and some samples of Helen's work click here.

To read Jan Patience (another former KA pupil) writing about Helen Flockhart's Swan Like in The Herald Scotland click here.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     N McI 27.9.2013

How angling skills keep at-risk students hooked... click here.

Mr Paterson - TES subscriber of the week ... click here.


S3 LEARN LIFE-SAVING SKILLS                                                                                           13.5.2013



PETER HOWSON VISIT                                                                               

On Tuesday 19th March six senior art students and two Art department staff attended a talk and question and answer session with the prolific Scottish artist, Peter Howson OBE. This was a rare and exciting opportunity for pupils and staff to come face to face with one of the world’s most famous living and working artists. If meeting the man himself wasn’t enough, a Kilmarnock Academy pupil and staff member were the lucky winners of two Howson original artworks! Mr Howson explained how important he felt art history was and said he had two questions, one for pupils and one for teachers; it is with great delight that BOTH prizes were won by our school, Chelsea Sloan of S5 and Miss Smith. The talk and questions were then followed by an opportunity to have posters signed and photographs taken. This trip was completely inspirational and a day to be remembered for pupils and staff; no doubt this personal experience will benefit critical essays in class greatly. Could you have won a Howson framed drawing for yourself? The two questions asked were as follows:

Pupil Q:      Who painted the Sistine Chapel?
Teacher Q:  Which artist was found dead on a beach in Naples?

Report by Miss Smith, Art Department                                                                                                                                     21.3..2012


 The S3 ASDAN class would like to thank all the pupils and staff who  contributed to making Jeans for Genes Day a great success.

 We raised a huge £442.30 which will make a big difference to the lives  of those with genetic disorders. Well done!

 ASDAN Group


 Sixth year pupil Sam Leighton is putting his musical talents to good use  these days with local band, Baltimore League. As well as drumming and  singing with the band on recordings and at gigs, he can play guitar and  he even plays upright bass on the band's live video recently uploaded  to Youtube. You  can check out his performance by clicking here.  Baltimore League play  this Friday at Box on Sauchiehall Street.

 Check out the band's Facebook by clicking here (and if you are on  Facebook, be sure to give them a 'like').

A CASE OF 'THE HAPPY MONDAYS'                                             (Pics by Ryan McCulloch S6)         2.10..2012

EUROPEAN DAY OF LANGUAGES                                                               


SOME KEY MEMBERS OF 'TEAM K.A.' IN ACTION                                                                

Pics by Ryan McCulloch S6                                                                                                      28.9..2012


Miss Montgomery of our Art Department is pictured below with her Grandfather, in front of our famous school clock. Why? Full story to follow soon.
Pics by
Sandy Ferguson

Killed on duty
17th June 1994

 It was 17th June 1994, the first day of World Cup USA, when I saw a  picture of my close neighbour in Wardneuk, Lewis Fulton, flash onto my  TV screen on the evening news. A really decent big guy, I had spoken  to him earlier that week. But he died that evening.  He went out to  work that morning and he never came back. He had  been stabbed in a  Glasgow street earlier in the afternoon, protecting the public from an  armed and mentally deranged man. Lewis was just 28. He had a wife,  Christine, who had to try to find the stength to adjust to life without  her man. And he had a six month old son, Luke, who had to grow up  without his Dad. Long after the headlines had faded and the rest of us  had returned to normality, there remained for them a void in their lives  that will never be filled. At this time, we should spare a thought for  them. On that day in 1994, Lewis paid the ultimate price to enable the  rest of us to live ordinary lives. Nearly twenty years  later, his wife and  son are still paying for our freedoms.                               N.McI 19.9.12
Be sure to check out Care for Police Survivors, founded by Christine Fulton and Jim McNulty in 2003, and also the Scottish Police Memorial Trust, Roll of Honour.

What a surprise I got when I decided to check up on my old school! My name when I started the primary school in Kilmarnock Academy  in 1943 was Anne Cowan - now Anne Condon
. I had such a good laugh when I read Jim Crosbie's reminiscences of the primary teachers - especially Davy Gordon. I too remember being given  the strap, which happened to miss my hand and hit my wrist. Do any of you remember Mummy Young? (my mother's cousin) She taught  us Nature Study - and her "friend" Daddy Farrer -an English teacher and Colonel in the cadets. Then there was the granny figure of Miss McClarty - so gentle.

Like Jim my Father was taught by "old Nish' and I remember her sending me to the back of the class -"-bag and baggage", saying I was not like my father - I was "frivolous!".

If I remember correctly, the Crosbies went to the same church as us - Portland Road - and Walter was in my Sunday School class as well as my infant school class.

I studied Medical Laboratory Technology and worked in Irvine Central Hospital for eight years and then went to Bahrain to work. I married an Irishman ,Tom Condon, who was an engineer with Caltex Oil Company. We did  some travelling the Middle East in countries which are not so safe now and then came back to Ireland. Until this year we still managed to have interesting holidays abroad , but arthritis has caught up with us! I had a marvellous re-union last year in Ayr meeting up with the staff of Irvine Central Lab most of whom I had not seen since 1964! It is good to talk about old times, especially when the memories are happy ones.

We have one son,Andrew, who studied Computer Science in Trinity College, Dublin. He worked in Seattle for 8 years, then went to Mexico and now lives in a remote area of Catalonia.

I think the photograph I have attached (below) was taken when we were in Davy's class. Look forward to keeping in touch with the website.

Anne Condon                                                                                                                   19.9..2012

I was a pupil at Kilmarnock Academy from 1961 to 1964 and I believe I hold a record that maybe not everybody would be proud of....but oh well, I was young then...

In 1963 or probably 1964 I received 17 of the belt from our physics teacher in the St Joseph's classroom that we used at that time. This punishment was spread out over the whole period and I can't remember the teacher's name but we affectionately called him " Fumble " as he was just a young teacher and a lot of his experiments went wrong. In the same vein, I was the last person to get flogged by the Rector Robert McIntyre who retired on that Friday and, on the Monday morning, I was also the first ever flogging by the new Rector, Mr Hislop, both occasions being from " Ma" Logan's English class right next door. I think the classroom was designated B2.

Rector McIntyre had occasion to flog me once previously. That was the first time I ever got the belt in school and I think that turned me. Well, that's my excuse anyway. I was reported by a prefect for smoking in the bogs between the Academy and the Tech purely out of malice because I didn't smoke but a couple of my friends did and I was just in there to use the toilet and I was the only person singled out. I didn't start smoking until I was eighteen and I was pretty annoyed at the whole situation. Anyway, I've managed to get through life so far without too much trouble.......but there's time yet.....

Hugh Docherty                                                                                                              15.9..2012

OUR NEW FIRST YEAR PUPILS SEEM TO LIKE IT HERE...                                                      3.9..2012


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